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Upper West Side NIMBYs Don't Want Internet Daters Dining on Their Block

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Don't even think of meeting your Tinder date uptown.

Beware of internet daters.
Beware of internet daters.

Some longtime Upper West Siders are very concerned that they might have to actually walk by people out on dates with someone they met on the internet. At a recent community board meeting several neighbors protested a wine and beer license for the proposed sidewalk cafe area at wine bar Riposo 72, because the bar is apparently popular among the online dating set, and you just never know what kind of unsavory characters are using OkCupid these days.

"I have seen people say, ‘I met you on the internet,' and you're putting that on the sidewalk? I don't want children walking near 'internet people' meeting," griped one crotchety neighbor. Another added: "The quality of life in the area is being carelessly eroded for trendiness." Don't worry Tinder lovebirds, the community board is still recommending the license. Now it's up to the SLA, which will hopefully have a bit more heart for those struggling to get a date in this town.