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Is The Four Seasons Already Planning Its Farewell Party?

A party that will take 21 months to prepare.

Will all this be gone come 2016?
Will all this be gone come 2016?
Daniel Krieger

The rumors about the Four Seasons just keep rolling in. Last month owners Alex von Bidder and Julian Niccolini were spotted checking out a space at 432 Park Avenue. Now, Niccolini is stoking the fire by apparently posting the promise of a "blow-out celebration" on his Facebook page. Though the message appears to have since been removed, the Post reports that on Thursday the restaurateur wrote:

The Four Seasons Restaurant just booked rock ‘n' roll royalty for a blow-out celebration of New York on 7/31/16. Please plan to join us for a party so delicious, it'll take 21 months to prepare.

The restaurant's lease expires at the end of July 2016, so one big final bash in its current home seems fitting. Talks between the pair and the building's owner Aby Rosen continue to be described simply as "ongoing."

The Four Seasons Restaurant

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