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Restaurants Are Still Fighting Insurance Companies for Money Lost After Sandy

Thalassa in Tribeca was forced to close for 11 days when power went out in Lower Manhattan, and is just now suing its insurance company for rejecting its claims.


Two years after Sandy, some restaurants in Lower Manhattan are still dealing with recouping their losses from forced shutters caused by the massive power outage. Just days ago, Tribeca Greek restaurant Thalassa, which lost what it estimates to be thousands of dollars during the 11 days it was closed after the storm, filed a suit against its insurance company for denying its claim in March 2013. The firm representing them Bourne & Zakheim recently settled a Sandy related suit from Koi Soho in the Trump hotel for an unknown sum, and tells Crain's that it's currently handling about 10 other similar cases. Many of the insurance companies, meanwhile, continue to argue that they aren't responsible for covering the damages inflicted by the power outage, since flooding at a Con Ed plant, not at the individual restaurants, was the cause.