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The DOH Says Pooches Are No Longer Welcome at Park Slope's Dog-Loving Bar The Gate

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Owner Bobby Gagnon has been welcoming dogs into the bar since 1997, without much trouble.


Park Slope bar The Gate has long been one of the few places in the city that welcomes its customers' canine companions. But that changed last week when a city inspector slammed the bar with an unspecified fine for allowing dogs into the bar, after someone called 311 to complain. Fearful of further fines, owner Bobby Gagnon has now posted a sign saying that no pups are allowed in. But the sign also expresses indignation that the bar (which doesn't serve food) is being lumped in with restaurants that do. "We are a bar. But we are held to the same standard," it complains.

But as DNAinfo points out, the bar has gotten an A grade on all its past health inspections, so the crackdown is a sudden and surprising blow to all the dog-loving Slope residents out there. Gagnon is hoping to rally support from animal friendly organizations and drinkers before his hearing on November 18. 321 5th Avenue, Park Slope