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Soho Sandwich Favorite Alidoro to Bring Italian Heroes and Breakfast Sandwiches to Midtown

The cult favorite sandwich shop opens a big new Midtown outpost on Thursday, and every office worker rejoices.

The Soho original
The Soho original

Alidoro, the cult favorite Italian sandwich shop in Soho, will open a second outpost later this week in Midtown. The big Italian heroes, from a lengthy menu of options, have always been a darling of the bloggers and food writers of this town, and the tiny shop has consistently packed in a crowd at lunchtime, so this is a big win for the office workers of Midtown.

Plus, this new outpost is also adding breakfast sandwiches and salads to its repertoire here. Those egg sandwiches range from one with porchetta, hot pepper spread, and piave, to one with pesto and fresh mozzarella, and all are gently priced at $3.50 (the going rate for some pastries these days). Salad options, meanwhile, include a classic caprese, and one topped with smoked chicken, hot peppers, mozzarella, and artichoke. The Midtown Alidoro opens Thursday at 18 East 39th Street.