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Kappo Masa, the Ultra-Pricey Masa Offshoot Fit For the Gagosian Gallery

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Take a look around New York's only sushi restaurant housed inside an art gallery

Gallery owner Larry Gagosian and Masa Takayama's longtime friendship recently spawned Kappo Masa, a restaurant beneath Gagosian's flagship gallery near the Met. While Takayama fulfilled his promise to make the restaurant more affordable than his decadent Masa in the Time Warner Center, the price differential is more minimal than some anticipated, and with items like a $240 "Masa toro with caviar" roll, or a $350 tasting menu, diners can easily amass a tab similar to one at Masa.

The space is more colorful than Masa, with long banks of mustard yellow seating, dark eggplant walls, and a few pieces of artwork hanging in the restaurant's various spaces, which include a semi-private room with a table for 10. Stairs descending from the gallery into the bar area allow some natural light to flood down into the restaurant.

Kappo Masa

976 Madison avenue, New York, NY 10075