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Mastro's, the Preferred Steakhouse of Beverly Hills' Rich and Famous, Coming to Midtown

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Midtown gets another steakhouse.

The Scottsdale Mastro's
The Scottsdale Mastro's

Want a sign that the economy is on the rebound? Just look at all the steakhouse openings. Mastro's, best known for its scene-y California outposts, is the latest entrant onto the big box steakhouse playing field, with plans to open its first East Coast outpost in Midtown in mid-November. It joins the recently opened Charlie Palmer Steak, and the incoming Morton's Grille at the location of the shuttered Angelo and Maxi's. Eater also hears rumors of at least one other major steakhouse (still under wraps) opening in Midtown.

Mastro's is a chain that started in Scottsdale, AZ back in 1999, but now is famed for its locations in Beverly Hills and Malibu, which count a large number of celebrities and other glamorous-types among their regulars. The clientele will likely be somewhat different at the NYC location, given that it's situated in the UBS building. It's also worth noting the Mastro's is run by Landry's Select Club, which also operates Morton's (among other chains) and very recently shuttered two out of four of the chains it operates in New York City. Mastro's, 1285 Avenue of the Americas, Midtown

Correction: Mastro's tells Eater that while Landry's Select Club is their parent company the chain is operated as a separate entity.

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