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One Day From Official Opening, White Hot Mexican Newcomer Cosme Already Booked Until 2015

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Tables are going to be hard to come by, but at least the front room will serve snacks.

Daniel Krieger

Cosme, the new Flatiron restaurant from acclaimed Mexican chef Enrique Olvera hasn't even officially opened yet, and it's apparently already booked through until next year. The restaurant was soft open most of last week, offering only 100 seatings a night, but starting tomorrow it will be open for real, and taking twice as many diners.

Olvera tells Food Republic that the menu will probably change a lot during the opening days (although the response to the food so far has been mostly stellar), and notes that the spare, concrete-heavy space is also a work in progress: "Some rugs are entering the picture very soon." Plus, he reveals that the lounge-y area in the front of the restaurant will operate as a more casual cafe, serving snacks like guacamole, and drinks like a Paloma. For those looking to dine as Cosme before January, that might be the quickest route.

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