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Mission Chinese Food Looks Ready to Bring Kung Pao Pastrami Back to the LES Any Day Now

It's been a year since Danny Bowien's smash hit restaurant had a permanent place to call home, but the new space on East Broadway look just about ready to go.


Almost exactly a year since Danny Bowien was forced to close his original New York City hit, Mission Chinese Food, it looks like the new incarnation on East Broadway is almost ready to roll. Sue Chan — who happens to be Momofuku's brand director as well as a friend of Bowien's stopped by over the weekend and snapped a few shots of the restaurant. From that dimly-lit glimpse (pictured above, and since removed from Instagram), at least, it looks like Danny's team hasn't changed much in the back dining room. There's also an enormous cloud of shiny balloons there now, which might be just a gift, or might be opening party decorations. Hiring started about a month ago, so the timing seems to fit. Eater has reached out the Mission Chinese team for an opening date, so stay tuned. Mission Chinese Food, 171 East Broadway, Lower East Side