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Adam Platt Can't Get Enough of Thin-Crusted Pizzas at Danny Meyer's Smash Hit Marta

The critic jumps on the Marta bandwagon.

Daniel Krieger

Adam Platt reviews Danny Meyer's fall blockbuster, Marta this week, and has not one bad thing to say about those thin-crusted pizzas:

...the most successful tend to evoke the classic tastes of Rome itself. I'm thinking of the salsiccia, pooled with a gentle crumbling of pork sausage and barely visible cremini mushrooms; an ingenious creation called patate alla carbonara (drizzled, like the pasta, with whipped eggs and pepper); and the Amatriciana, which Anderer and his cooks dress with red onions, flakes of chile, and frizzled squares of guanciale, that famous Umbrian pork-jowl delicacy.

He's just as smitten with the wood-grilled meats, and though a few sides don't quite hit the mark, his only real complaint is the "marginal" hotel lobby space where the restaurant is housed. He gives Marta two stars.


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