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Long Island Bar Mocks Restaurants That Keep Critics' Mug Shots on File

Co-owner Joel Tompkins posted an Instagram picture of a Pete Wells — not Pete Wells.

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If the picture posted on the Instagram account of Long Island Bar is to be believed all the dining and donkey sauce have not been kind to Times critic Pete Wells. The restaurant faux outed Wells with a pic of a flyer of a Pete Wells saying "I just want everyone what Pete Wells looks like, in case we are visited by Wells and reviewed for a three for four star review." Of course the picture shouldn't be believed, as Joel Tompkins, co-owner of Long Island Bar, admitted to the Village Voice that "he posted the pic to poke fun at places that plaster their walls with pictures of New York City critics."

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The Pete Wells pictured works at a school in the UK and came from a simple Google search. The fact that Tompkins partner Toby Cecchini is friends with Wells and is himself a writer for the Times means that they probably won't be reviewed anytime soon, by either Pete Wells.