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Reservations Are Up for Grabs at Justin Smillie's New Cali-Inspired Brasserie Upland

There may be fried Roman artichokes and tangles of spaghetti, and there will definitely be pizza.

Justin Smillie's California-inspired brasserie Upland is nearly open. The restaurant is hosting friends and family this weekend, and the team sent word yesterday that the space will be open to the public starting next Tuesday (the same night Cosme officially opens). Reservations for opening night were just released on OpenTable and so far there are lots of time slots up for the taking.

The Il Buco Alimentari vet is still working out some of the menu, posting ingredient and dish photos on his Instagram like crispy fried Roman artichokes and a tangle of spaghetti. But at least one thing is for sure, there will be pizza, made in a wood-fire oven. 345 Park Avenue South, Midtown