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World Class Modernist Chef Ferran Adria Ate Pizza at Marta Last Night

Everyone wants a piece of Nick Anderer's pizza.

Daniel Krieger

Only the emperor of modernist cuisine himself, Ferran Adria, stopped by Marta last night, to try the thin-crusted pizzas that are currently taking New York City by storm. He sat at the best seat in the house, the pizza bar, and obligingly posed for photos with the team afterward.

Thank you @ferran_adria for parking at the pizza counter tonight. Truly honored to cook for you.

A photo posted by Nick Anderer (@nickanderer) on

Adria is not the first internationally acclaimed chef to show interest in what Nick Anderer is doing. And he wasn't even the only famous chef there last night:

According to a tipster present on the scene, scarf-loving Red Rooster chef Marcus Samuelsson was also dining at the bar next to Adria, with his wife.

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