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Dojo Izakaya, the Casual Offshoot of Smash Hit Sushi Dojo, Dusts Off and Prepares to Open

The furniture is in, the menu is posted in the window, and an employee was in there Swiffering last night.

Dojo Izakaya, the new Alphabet City offshoot of sushi sensation Sushi Dojo, is rapidly nearing completion. A peek in the window of the tiny place last night shows the furniture in place, the cookware being arranged, and the whole thing getting a good once-over with a Swiffer.

Sushi dojo interior

Even more promising than that: there's a full menu posted in the window:

Dojo menu

It's a little tough to make out everything, but just know that the menu includes a wide variety of homemade soba dishes, fried chicken, a pork sandwich, beef tongue, and uni cream croquettes. Also scrawled at the bottom of the menu is a note that the restaurant is "Coming soon in 2 weeks!" but there's no telling how long it's been since that was posted. In any case, two weeks is the most anyone will probably have to wait. At last report, David Bouhadana, the sushi wunderkind at the helm of Sushi Dojo, told Eater he was just waiting for Con Ed to turn on the gas. Dojo Izakaya, 38 Avenue B