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Aaron Taber (and His Entire Concept) Are Out at Red Hook Critical Darling Grindhaus

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Pete Well's may have loved it, but the restaurant was "not a sustainable business model." Now expect a steak, wedge salad, and chicken wings.

Daniel Krieger

Aaron Taber, who sent Pete Wells running back and forth to Red Hook, has left the kitchen at Grindhaus. Erin Norris, Grindhaus's owner tells Grub Street that the restaurant's concept is changing too: "As wonderful as it was, there were a lot of aspects that weren't working...It was not a sustainable business model."

Carole Greenwood, who is from the city but most recently cooked in Johannesburg, is stepping in to fill Taber's clogs and give the menu a pretty big overhaul. There's now a bigger focus on meat and a steak for two. "One of things you can't get in Red Hook is a good steak," Norris tells Grub Street. There are also a bunch of what Greenwood calls "more accessible" items, like a wedge salad with chicken wings, and chicken paillard.


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