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Papaya King to Launch Hot Dog Cart In Midtown, Encroaching on Dirty Water Dog Territory

After its food truck success, the New York classic gets into the street cart game.

No longer just brick and mortar.
No longer just brick and mortar.

Not content to have just one food truck roaming the streets, Papaya King is now launching its own hot dog cart, which will start serving dogs, sides, and juice in Midtown tomorrow. The cart, which will be parked outside Macy's in Herald Square every day, is a far cry from the average street corner cart. For one thing, it's bright yellow. For another thing, it serves deep-fried Oreos and curly fries alongside the more standard pretzels and knishes. Plus veggie dogs are an option.

It's hard to say how the regular Midtown hot dog carts will take to this flashy newcomer, but let's just hope this doesn't provoke any major turf wars. But then again, diversifying may be the only way from keeping the New York classic from falling victim to rising rents, the way some of its competition has.