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Enrique Olvera's Mexican Masterpiece Cosme Surprise Soft Opens in the Flatiron Tonight

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The tortillas are warm, and the most hotly-anticipated Mexican restaurant of the fall is accepting same-day reservations right this second.

Daniel Krieger

Cosme, the game-changer of a Mexican restaurant from acclaimed Mexico City chef Enrique Olvera, is soft opening to the public starting tonight in the Flatiron. Despite having long promised that it wouldn't open to the public until October 28, the restaurant now tweets that it will be accepting limited, same-day reservations from now until October 25. This shouldn't be that surprising, though, since Cosme has been hosting events since the beginning of the month, and in full on preview mode for almost as long.

Those limited reservations can be snagged by emailing (remember, they can only be gotten the day of), and it's a good idea to jump on that sooner rather than later. At the moment it's uncertain what will happen after the 25th — whether the restaurant will close again to prepare for the big official opening, or just dive right into things, but we do know this much: the tortillas are fresh and waiting to be eaten tonight.


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