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Tijuana Picnic May Finally Unleash Its Mexican/Asian Food on the LES Next Week

The restaurant has a the vibe of a 1970's basement, complete with wood paneling.

Jon Neidich and Jean-Marc Houmard by Daniel Krieger
Jon Neidich and Jean-Marc Houmard by Daniel Krieger
Daniel Krieger

Tijuana Picnic, the Mexican/Asian lovechild of Acme vets Jean-Marc Houmard, Jon Neidich, and Hui Chi Lee has been close to opening in the old Laugh Lounge space before but somehow never quite made it all the way. Now, Bowery Boogie reports that word on the street is that the restaurant will open next week and shares an early picture of the interior. Wood paneling, covered up windows, and bizarro lamp shades give the space a 1970's basement vibe.

Alex Lopez, who will be running the kitchen has promised "galangal-marinated-chicken tacos" and "roasted pork neck with Thai-spiced chimichurri," though that was some time ago. And, late last year, Houmard explained the mashup this way: "There will be empanadas, tacos, tamales, and the fillings and sauces will have Asian flavors...We realize that the two cuisines are actually not that far apart from each other." 151 Essex Street, Lower East Side.