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Chefs Club Will Bring Top Notch Guest Chefs to Soho Early Next Month

Food & Wine's new restaurant opens soon, with two separate dining rooms to host chefs for short-term pop-ups and long-term guest stints.

Chefs Club, Food & Wine's new permanent pop-up venue inspired by the Chefs Club in Aspen, is up and running, and just a few weeks away from opening. The large space has hosted several events in the past week, but won't officially open to the public until the week of November 7. The team is still finalizing the liquor license, according to one staffer. Once open, the space will host four chefs a year — for starters four of Food & Wine's "Best New Chefs," from hot stuff restaurants across the country. First up next month is Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson of Colorado's Frasca Food and Wine.

The space, which has some insane design features like a giant piece of Himalayan salt hanging from the ceiling, also has a separate dining room in the back with a small show kitchen that will hosts chefs from around the world for shorter visits. No word yet on who those chefs may be, but a staffer name dropped France and Italy as places where the team is looking. 275 Mulberry Street, Soho.