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Bâtard's Cocktail Glassware Ranges from Family Heirlooms to Flea Market Finds

Order a cocktail at Batard, and you might find yourself drinking from a glass once owned by Drew Nieporent's mom.

Nick Solares
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"My girlfriend jokes that every times she comes to the restaurant there is something from home that has made its way here" quips Jonathan Winterman, referring to the collection of vintage glassware at Bâtard. The managing partner of the Tribeca hot spot has been collecting vintage glasses for years, and decided to put some of them into service at Bâtard. "I was always against having the exact same glass for every cocktail" he says. The mix and match philosophy dovetails perfectly with the restaurant's unexpectedly casual atmosphere.

The Baccarat glass on the right belonged to Nieporent's mother.

Winterman is constantly on the hunt for new glassware, visiting flea markets and antique stores with Batard bartender Candice Valettuti, who is tasked with caring for the collection. Winterman has even gotten his mother in on the act — she recently furnished a set of coupe glasses from an estate sale in Indiana. And Drew Nieporent himself recently surprised the bar staff by donating a set of mid-century Baccarat glasses that belonged to his mother and had been in storage for the past 19 years. "The only downside is that you have to hand wash a lot of things, as they can be fairly delicate" says Winterman. Nieporent found that out the hard way when he tried machine washing one of the Baccarat glasses.

Winterman's mother found these coupes in an estate sale.


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