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Penance Done, Eataly Reopens Its Wine Store Tonight and Sends the Nutella Bar on Hiatus

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Eataly Vino is back in action, after taking a forced vacation due to the Bastianich's "interlocking interests."

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After a five month hiatus in which it was replaced by a massively popular Nutella bar pop-up, Eataly's wine shop is re-opening today. Co-owners Joe and Lidia Bastianich, and Mario Batali were forced to temporarily close the shop and hit with a $500,000 fine for "interlocking interests" earlier this year, because the SLA wasn't happy with the fact that the Bastianich family both makes and sells wine. Lidia's name is reportedly coming off the liquor license for the shop to appease the SLA. To celebrate the reopening, the shop is handing out free glasses of bubbly this evening.

The wine shop is back open in its original place, so the Nutella bar is now gone. But those longing for pastries slathered in chocolate hazelnut spread can find the tiny mobile version of the pop-up roving around Eataly daily. And eventually, an Eataly rep promises, the full bar will return somewhere else in the store.


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