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Tequila Cocktails, Cheffy Micheladas, and a Few Tacos on the Menu at Empellon Al Pastor

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Take a first look at the menu of Alex Stupak's East Village bar/taco joint, Al Pastor.

Nick Solares

Alex Stupak's casual taqueria, Empellon Al Pastor, "sneak attack" opened ahead of schedule on Saturday, and has been slinging pork tacos, micheladas, and tequila ever since. Eater got its hands on a copy of the menu, which in keeping with Stupak's dive bar promises, is about two parts drinks to one part food. Besides the namesake al pastor, there are a handful of other taco standards, ranging from chicken to steak to a vegetarian mushroom option. There are also some sides — rice, two types of beans, guac (of course) — and a large, shareable shortrib barbacoa. Everything gets ordered at the counter, and brought to your table in short order.

Meanwhile, micheladas take up an entire page, and as promised, there are a few designed by some of Stupak's chef pals. Wylie Dufresne has one that involves corn powder and ponzu, while Andy Ricker has one made with tomatillo juice, naam jiim, and nori salt. The margarita list is basically the same as the one at Empellon Cocina, but perhaps that will change in the coming months. In any case, it's not like that's a bad thing. Check out the full menu, below:

Al Pastor Menu

Empellon Al Pastor, 132 St. Mark's Place