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Welcome to Eater's Third Annual Cocktail Week

Cocktail Week starts right this very second. Get ready for fancy concoctions, dive bar essentials, untold histories, and a whole lot more.

Ladies and gentlemen, Eater readers of all ages, get ready for this week to get a whole lot boozier. Starting right now and ending, oh, around 5 p.m. Friday, Eater will be your headquarters for all things cocktail. That's right: Eater's third annual Cocktail Week starts right this very second. All this week, we'll be shining a light on the many fine drinking establishments and drink-makers of this city, from the hottest new cocktail parlors to the well-worn classics. There will be happy hour deals, elaborate concoctions, untold histories, glassware insights, and oh so much more. So keep your eye on this space, because here we go.