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Bushwick Coffee Shop Owner Posts Epic, Paranoid Anti-Semitic Tirade to His Cafe's Instagram

Then tries to make up for it by posting pictures of Jews he likes.

Michael Avila, the owner of the Bushwick Coffee Shop, recently used his cafe's Instagram to post a long, paranoia-filled tirade of anti-Semitism. It starts with an image of a similar rant he posted on his own Facebook page, railing against the "greedy infiltrators" who are buying up buildings in Bushwick. He goes on write up an essay-length comment beneath the image (plus a few follow-ups), which expresses his displeasure (as he puts it), "with this general culture's behavior of dominance and Illuminati behavior."

Obviously, this tirade did not go over well with many. So now, in a bizarre effort to make some kind of amends, Avila has taken to Instagramming Jewish people he likes.