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East Village Mainstay Yaffa Cafe Is Gone for Good, All Except for the Recipes

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The restaurant has been struggling recently. Now, after 32 years on Saint Marks, it's closed its doors for good.

Better days at Yaffa Cafe.
Better days at Yaffa Cafe.
Courtesy of Yaffa Cafe

East Village pillar Yaffa Café is officially done after 32 years on Saint Marks, bemoans EV Grieve. The restaurant had been having a tough time lately. It was forced to close temporarily by the DOH early in September and then it lost its license for its charming backyard café. Plus, to make matters worse, the restaurant (likely strapped for cash) recently allowed a Google ad to be hung over its classic mural outside. Still, the owners promised it would return after renovations. Sadly, a tweet this morning says that is no longer true.

But what will happen to that flamboyant wallpaper?