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Bowery Meat Company Should Be Serving Steak on Extra Place Within the Month

John McDonald and Josh Capon's new steakhouse is still in the heat of construction, but it shouldn't be long now.

It's been a solid year since Lure's John McDonald took over the old Veselka Bowery space with plans to turn it into a good old fashioned steakhouse/oyster bar, and now it's finally almost ready to make its debut on the corner of Extra Place. Yes, it still looks like a construction zone now, but things can move fast in the final stages, and the team predicts the restaurant is now just a couple weeks from opening.

Chef Josh Capon has had the luxury of recipe testing in the Lure kitchen for months now, so once they finish installing those light fixtures and bring in the furniture, they'll have people dining on short ribs and veal chops beneath the salvaged beams of MercBar in no time.

If the rumors about Ko are true, it sounds like these two places could actually open at almost exactly the same time, making it a real banner month for the weird little alley known as Extra Place. Bowery Meat Co., 9 East 1st Street, East Village