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Alex Stupak Wants Al Pastor to Look Like a Dive Bar, That Happens to Serve Tacos

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The cheap porky tacos are coming soon, very soon.

Robert Sietsema

Empellon Al Pastor is so close to opening that passersby might even be able to smell the fatty spits of pork roasting in the kitchen. Stupak dishes a few details today to WWD today saying the menu of 14 items will be:

Less about presentation and more about delivery...We're not playing the restaurant game. I think we're in the ‘getting-your-taco-as-fast-as-humanly-possible' business. You hear people say over and over again, ‘Well, tacos are just better on the street and they aren't meant to be expensive.' Maybe it's not about the street. Maybe it's about the physical nature of the space.

The Al Pastor space was a punk dive bar called Alcatraz back in the ‘80s and Stupak wants to return it to its roots. He's had parts of the restaurant covered in graffiti and installed that sweet sexy rat sculpture"At the end of the day, I wanted it to feel like a quirky dive bar that someone happened to inject a taqueria into."