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Brewmaster Garrett Oliver Disses David Chang for Championing Bad Beer

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Is shitty beer actually good? People are taking sides.


Dave Chang doesn't want to drink good beer, seriously. Earlier this week he came out in GQ as a shitty beer lover — and, as he says, not in a "jokey frat guy" kind of a way, not as a hipster, but as an honest man. Seems that Chang truly loves his Bud Light: "There's no beverage that I've drunk more of in my life than Bud Light. (Except water, but what's the difference?) And there's no drink I love more." It's practically all he's got in his fridge. But it's not just his love of crappy beer. Chang says he has "a tenuous relationship with the epicurean snob sets....Beer snobs are the worst of the bunch."

Across the river, longtime Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster Garrett Oliver isn't buying Chang's story. He shoots back:

It's not the fancy beer you don't like. You don't like us, your people. You have a "tenuous relationship with the Epicurean snob set?" You are the epicurean snob set! I've seen you with champagne in one hand and a Noma lamb leg in the other, chatting up celebrities. Why you frontin'? You spent your first three paragraphs insulting people just like the cash, fame and luxury not working out?

Oliver plans to school Chang if he ever gets the chance. "Come over to the brewery some time. We'll have fun. I'll show you how to do this, son."

Update: Chang's not taking this one sitting down.