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Critical Darling Take Root Is Hiring Its First Employee Ever, Contemplating Future Expansion

The tasting menu-only restaurant in Carroll Gardens wants to be more accessible, which means being open more than just three nights a week.

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Yesterday Take Root, the tiny, 14-seat tasting menu restaurant in Carroll Gardens, tweeted the news that it's hiring for a new front of house staff member. Coming from just about any other restaurant, this would be a completely unremarkable occurrence. But since Take Root has, until now, been operated exclusively by chef Elise Kornack and her wife, Anna Hieronimus (who does all the front of house work), the prospect of a new staff member is actually noteworthy.

Eater reached out to Kornack, who says that as the critical acclaim for the restaurant has started to snowball — most recently Tejal Rao gave it a two star review in Bloomberg, and Josh Ozersky (of all people) named it one of Esquire's 10 Best New Restaurants in the country — she and Hieronimus are looking to make it "more accessible." For now that just means bringing on a third staff member, so that come the new year, they can be open one more night a week (right now, Take Root only offers one seating at 8 p.m., and only on Thursdays through Saturdays).

Given that the restaurant also recently upped its price, does this mean there will be more changes down the road? Like more seatings, or a bigger space? For now, Kornack says, they've "fallen in love with this setup." Plus they still have a solid year left on the lease. But after that, some time in the "nearish future," she allows that they definitely want to expand. Take Root, 187 Sackett Street

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