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Meat Pie Purveyor Pie Face Mysteriously Shuts Down All But One Outpost

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It looks like the Aussie company decided to pull the plug on its American venture.

Pie Face's Union Square location shuttered this weekend.
Pie Face's Union Square location shuttered this weekend.
Nick Solares

Aussie pie shop and cafe Pie Face mysteriously closed all but one of its New York locations in the past few days. Eater noted over the weekend that the Union Square outpost was dunzo, but as it turns out, that was one of just six locations to go dark. The last remaining shop is at 36th Street and 9th Avenue. Signs are up in the windows of several of the other locations thanking people for their patronage and directing them to the last holdout, but offer no explanation or consolation. The chain landed in the States three years ago and seemed bring the savory pie trend with them, but apparently meat filled pastries didn't take with Manhattan lunchers.

Some pie fans do exist, however, and have taken to Twitter to mourn the loss: