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The Halal Guys Throw Down the Gauntlet, Pushing Copycat Food Cart Off of Their Turf

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The halal cart wars of 53rd Street have come to an end, at least for now.


The Halal Guys turf war seems to be over. This summer the original Halal Guys slammed The Halal Guys of New York, a copycat cart that operated just on the opposite corner of 53rd Street and 6th Avenue, with a lawsuit for stealing their name and their business. The results of the suit were never public, but now, Midtown lunch notes that the original Halal Guys have staked their territory in a serious way, opening a new cart on the corner where the knockoff used to stand. No one's quite sure where the Halal Guys of New York went, or if they will come back. Legal issues aside, some people (including the judges as the Street Meat Palooza) actually preferred the fakers to the original. So here's a quandary to ponder, courtesy of Midtown Lunch:

I can't help but wonder if anybody this week waited in line for what they thought was the Imposter cart only to realize they were in line for an imposter of the Imposter Cart!