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Korilla BBQ's First Shop Will Unleash Kimchi Burritos on The East Village Next Week

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The restaurant opened for a test run last night.


Beneath the neon tiger-striped mural on 3rd Avenue, Korilla BBQ's first brick and mortar location opened last night for a test run. The team plans to officially open sometime next week, so there may be other test runs in the next few days. Once open, founder Eddie Song tells Bedford + Bowery that he hopes to keep things seasonal. "We want to offer something healthy and delicious at the same time," he explains. The menu sounds pretty similar to what's available from the team's trucks: Korean BBQ-inspired rice bowls, burritos, and salads topped with things like spicy pork and tofu. Will that appeal to the St. Marks crowd more than its ill-fated predecessor's pizza bagels and mac salad melts? Probably, but only time will tell.

Determined to become part of the neighborhood, the team commissioned mural artist Terry Galmitz to cover the inside walls with scenes from the East Village, including miniature versions of McSorley's and Stage Restaurant. 23 3rd Avenue, East Village.