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Cajun Pizza Purveyor Two Boots Announces Its Arrival in the Old Terroir Park Slope Space

After a year of absence, blackened chicken pizza returns to Park Slope.

Back when it was Terroir.
Back when it was Terroir.
Daniel Krieger

So the rumor is true, Cajun pizzeria mini-chain Two Boots really is taking over the Terroir Park Slope space. Park Slope Stoop has the evidence to prove it, with a photo of the building now sporting a big bright yellow Two Boots sign. Meanwhile, the Terroir signage still runs down the side of the building, no doubt a poignant reminder to some of what once was. But while some may mourn the loss of Riesling, all those Park Slope families who were so sad to see the original Park Slope Two Boots go will surely greet the return of barbecue shrimp pizza with open arms.

It's still not quite clear whether this new one is the work of Andy and Piper Wandzilak, who owned the old Park Slope outpost, or Phil Hartman, who owns all the other ones. But