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Monte Carlo Restaurant Coming To Last Resting Place of Cucina Ciano on the Upper East Side

A new restaurant is set to open in the space that at one time housed Stratis Morfogen's Flatiron transplant.

Future home of Monte Carlo
Future home of Monte Carlo
Nick Solares

A new restaurant called Monte Carlo is coming to the space that was the last location of Cucina Ciano, the shuttered Italian restaurant owned by Stratis Morfogen and one-time home to chef Shea Gallante. Morfogen abruptly moved Cucina Ciano to the Upper East Side in 2013 after a two and a half year stint in the Flatiron District. But the restaurant closed back in August amidst court battle with the landlord over costly repairs. At the time there was still a drop of uncertainty about the restaurant's fate, but clearly Cucina Ciano is now officially done. No word on what Monte Carlo will offer, but presumably it will be something French.