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Via Carota, Jody Williams and Rita Sodi's West Village Collaboration, Looks Ready for Action

The restaurant will likely combine some of best elements of I Sodi and Buvette.

Robert Sietsema

Jody Williams and Rita Sodi, who own West Village charmers Buvette and I Sodi, respectively, should be opening their first joint project, Via Carota any day now. A tipster in the neighborhood reports that it looked like they were hosting a friends and family party there last night, and also sends a peek of the interior, which looks like it's ready to roll.

The pair, historically somewhat press averse, has kept many of the details under wraps but here's what we know: Via Carota, which means Carrot Street, is named for a street in Sodi's childhood Tuscan town. Robert Sietsema says there will be a "brilliant wine list" and likely be a larger selection of pastries than can be found at I Sodi, and there may even be a nod to fare from further down Italy's boot. Back in August, the duo told Grub Street to expect dishes like fried artichokes, roasted squab, and possibly even a burger. There's also a decent sized communal table in the middle of the restaurant, so plan to get friendly with your fellow diners. Eater has reached out to Williams for an opening date, but so far there's nothing definite to report.

I Sodi

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