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R.I.P. Pastis, Restoration Hardware Is Moving In and Might Even Serve Wine

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The meatpacking legend will soon be nothing but a corporate sellout.

Moso Studio

It's official. A massive Renovation Hardware will take over the longtime home of Pastis in the Meatpacking District. The rumors around the deal have been flying for months and now, the Journal, shares that 70,000 feet will be added to the stout building to make way for the home retail giant. The renovations will add a large outdoor space on the fifth floor and a wraparound terrace on the third.

Earlier this year, Restoration Hardware's CEO told Businessweek that he was planning new stores that would offer "wine bars and restaurants, performance spaces, courtyards, and rooftop gardens." So one or both of those outdoor spaces might even be a restaurant. Plus, the company plans on adding something called "RH guesthouse," to the city by 2016.

Meanwhile, it seems like the dreams of Pastis relocating are growing dimmer, but perhaps there's still a chance that it will rise from the dead.


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