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Gansevoort Market Didn't Quite Manage to Get Off the Ground Today, But Promises to Open Soon

A few vendors were ready for the crowds today. More will be ready to go tomorrow.


Gansevoort Market, downtown's newest food stand megaplex, is off to a bit of a slow start. The plan was to open today, but according to a spokesperson, a bunch of the purveyors didn't quite get as much done over the weekend as they had hoped. A member of the Eater team snuck in briefly yesterday afternoon, and construction crew members were still hauling out material and sweeping up as Donostia was debating precisely where to hang its sign. Other vendors like Sushi Dojo Express had their things wrapped up in plastic wrap, presumably to keep out the dust. A few of the shops including One True Roots were open today.

According to the rep, Champion Coffee, Crepe Sucre, Donostia, Ed's Lobster Bar, Lov Organic by Kusmi will be ready to go tomorrow at noon. But at least one of the first round openings, Sushi Dojo Express likely won't open until next weekend. 52 Gansevoort Street.