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Of Course There's a Line Around the Park for Massimo Bottura's Shake Shack Burger

After this, Shake Shack will take a five month hiatus.

Today is the last day for Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, at least for five months, and the Shack is going out in style. Bigwig Italian chef Massimo Bottura created a signature burger for the occasion called The Emilia (as in Emilia Romagna). The burger patty itself has parm mixed in and then is topped with cotechino sausage, salsa verde, balsamic mayo. There's a limited run of 1000 burgers, and predictably, the special has drawn a long line. A friend of Eater reports that the line is wrapped around the park, but on social media no one really seems to be complaining about it. Probably because at this point, most of them are like this guy, and have got it all figured out:

Even Danny's on hand.

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