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Dough Loco Reveals Plans for a Second Shop

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The hip doughnut shop is expanding to a new facility.

The original Dough Loco
The original Dough Loco

Corey Cova's year-old uptown doughnut sensation Dough Loco will soon be expanding with a second shop on 97th Street and Madison Avenue. Cova tells Eater that the original shop will remain open, but production, which is currently limited to 300 donuts a day, will move entirely to the new facility. The new space will not only give the team room to make more yeast doughnuts, it will also allow them to get into the cake doughnut game with a fancy new cake donut conveyer machine. Still, despite the larger space, the new Dough Loco will operate as a take away counter, with no seating and limited coffee options. The original, meanwhile, will get more seating, to make it "more of a coffee shop," Cova tells Eater.

Not everyone is delighted by the move however. A cryptically worded note was slipped under the door of the new shop recently, addressed to Dough Loco co-owner Michael Cesari directly: "Your little donut shop will never be able to compete with my Dunkin' Donuts franchise. Do you have any idea how connected I am? Tread carefully." He and Cova surmise that it comes from the owner of the nearby Dunkin' Donuts franchise at 1391 Madison Avenue. Eater reached out to the Dunkin' Donuts at that location to verify that theory, but has yet to here back. Below, the evidence:

Dunkin Note

Update: Dough Loco co-owner Gina Cesari has contacted Eater to explain that the note, which was sent to us along with the information regarding the expansion, was a joke, a fact not made apparent in the original communication.

Dough Loco, 1261 Park Avenue

Dough Loco

1261 Park Ave, New York, NY 10029 (212) 876-1980