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The Founder of Juice Press Is Being Sued by His Own Dad for the Right to Open Juice Bars in Florida

The founder of Juice Press and his father/franchisee are embroiled in a fight over cold pressed competition.


After Marcus Antebi founded Juice Press, the successful chain of juice bars famous for cold pressed concoctions, he gave his father David Antebi a piece of the action by setting him up with his own franchise. But now the Post reports that David has filed a lawsuit against his son, because Marcus has threatened to block him from opening a juice bar chain of his own in Florida. He claims that he's only restricted from opening in the Northeast, but the Marcus counters that Juice Press is already eying Florida for future expansion, and that furthermore, his father is forbidden from using  "proprietary information and/or our techniques" in an independent project. Juice Press currently operates 25 stores in Manhattan, which isn't helping matters much, since David claims that kind of juice saturation is cutting in on his profits here in the city.