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A Final Night at Chin Chin, as Jimmy Chin Raises a Glass and Bids 49th Street Farewell

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After almost 30 years, Chin Chin closed its Midtown location for good over the weekend. Eater's photographer Daniel Krieger was there, to capture one last evening at the original.

Longtime fans and neighbors packed into Chin Chin this Friday for one final meal at the legendary 49th Street Chinese restaurant, as the restaurant prepared to close. A rent hike is forcing owner Jimmy Chin to move his business downtown after 29 years, but he's optimistic about the move, telling Eater last week: "Instead of melting away and dying, I'm going downtown to rejuvenate myself and get young again."

Chin says he will bring as much as he can from Chin Chin with him downtown to a space he's been eyeing on the Lower East Side, including a similar menu. He will also add a bar/lounge to the space. Hamptons restaurant Red Stixs is taking over the 49th street original, so take one long, last look at the original, where the house was so packed Friday night that Chin even held a quiet encore on Saturday.

Chin Chin

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