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Kappo Masa's Menu Includes Spicy Wings, Kale Salad, and a $240 Sushi Roll

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Here's a first look at the full Kappo Masa menu, which offers many different ways to drop a lot of cash.

When sushi master Masa Takayama's team promised a less expensive and less formal menu at Kappo Masa, the new restaurant in the Upper East Side Gagosian Gallery, visions of affordable but fancy sushi started floating through the minds of many New Yorkers who can't afford the $400 price tag at Masa. Now, photos of the menu from a tipster are crushing those dreams. The dinner menu is long, and includes everything from sushi and sashimi to noodles made from fish, and some very un-Masa-like items like spicy wings, and even a kale salad. Very little of it is cheap. Truffles, caviar, toro, and uni make regular appearances, including in the $240 "Masa toro with caviar" roll, which, as the most expensive single item on the menu is about two thirds the cost of the $350 20-course tasting menu.

The restaurant has promised lunchtime bento boxes in the near future, which sound like they might provide a more affordable option, but there are no guarantees.

Kappo Masa Menu
Kappo Masa Menu
Kappo Masa Menu
Kappo Masa Menu

Kappo Masa, 976 Madison Avenue, Upper East Side

Kappo Masa

976 Madison avenue, New York, NY 10075