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Empellon Al Pastor Could Unleash Pork Tacos and Delivery on the East Village This Week

The tortilla press is rolling and the website is live, revealing crucial new details about Alex Stupak's latest Mexican project.

Brown paper still covers the windows at Al Pastor, but Stupak says the restaurant will open soon.
Brown paper still covers the windows at Al Pastor, but Stupak says the restaurant will open soon.
Robert Sietsema

It only takes a little sleuthing to dig up the new Empellon Al Pastor website (which is live, but not linked to the other Empellon sites yet).  While menus still aren't available, the site offers a few previously unknown details: There will be vegan offerings and delivery via Caviar, making it the first Empellon to bring tacos your doorstep. The site also explains Stupak's savant-like, single-minded obsession with al pastor, a traditional taco made from spit roasted pork and pineapple:

Many of us chefs often feel an immense pressure to innovate and interpret, so much so that sometimes discovering something simple and deliciously authentic feels fresh and new. For us, this happened with tacos al pastor....At Empellón Al Pastor, we have a finite focus on one of the most delicious ideas ever to adorn a tortilla.... By concentrating on this particular dish, we are trying to get one step closer to having all the puzzle pieces we need in place in order to make great Mexican cuisine here in NYC.

The restaurant appears to be mostly ready to open. The tortillas are rolling out of the press, and Stupak says he's just waiting on Con Ed to turn on the gas. If all goes as planned, several members of the staff at another Empellon say that Al Pastor will open on Thursday. Stupak tells Eater it's "definitely not opening on Thursday," but stay tuned. It'll certainly be soon.  Empellon Al Pastor, 132 St. Marks Place, East Village

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