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Man Throws Smoke Bomb Into Restaurant, Scares Rose McGowan

"I saw him come out [of the subway grate] - it was like Ninja Turtles."

The aftermath at Bar Pitti/Da Silvano
The aftermath at Bar Pitti/Da Silvano
Twitter/Caroline Leid

Last night  around 6:00 p.m. a man threw a smoke bomb into the outdoor seating area between two West Village Italian restaurants- Bar Pitti and Da Silvano. Police think that the suspect accessed the restaurant through a subway grate, which is also how he made his escape. Da Silvano manager Anthony Curko corroborates:  "I saw him come out - it was like Ninja Turtles." Actress Rose McGowan, of Charmed fame, was there too and complained of an eye burn as a result of the bomb. You'd think she'd be used to smoke, given the over-the-top special effects that were used on the set of that show.

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