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Justin Smillie's Upland Will Start Serving All Things Sprouted Around October 20

Smillie and Stephen Starr's Upland is close to complete.

Il Buco Alimentari vet Justin Smillie will be back in a kitchen cooking starting sometime during the week of October 20. His latest project, Upland, which he's working on with Philly's prolific restaurateur Stephen Starr, is getting close to opening. Signage is up and plates, mini-crock-pots, and barstools are in. The menu will be California inspired and is slated to included sprouted chickpea croquettes, pasta with a rabbit ragu, and "fresh dug peanuts." The menu at a pop-up/preview dinner in Toronto earlier this summer also listed sprouted rye berry porridge, cast iron quail, and elderflower panna cotta. 345 Park Avenue South, Midtown.