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Crumbs Returns from the Dead Tuesday, With Giant Cupcakes and Something Called a Baissant

The Garment District Crumbs will be the very first one to reopen.


Crumbs, the giant cupcake-producing chain that flamed out in epic fashion this past summer, is ready to make its return. CNBC personality Marcus Lemonis, who bought the company out of bankruptcy, announces on his blog today that he will celebrate the grand reopening of the new and supposedly improved chain on Tuesday, October 14 at the Crumbs shop at 1385 Broadway in the Garment District.

This time around, there will be more than just huge cupcakes on offer. Lemonis (who, for context, also owns Dippin' Dots and Docs Popcorn, among other things) promises new cookies and ice cream, plus more gluten free options. Plus, in addition to the familiar Cronut-knockoff the Crumbnut, the shop is debuting a brand new hybrid pastry: the baissant. That, obviously, is a bagel-croissant hybrid. Clearly, Crumbs is pulling out all the stops to get with the times.

After Tuesday Lemonis plans to reopen 25 more Crumbs around the country in rapid succession, so get ready.