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Frugal Carmellini Brews Beer for His New Tribeca Restaurant Little Park, Saves the Grain For Bread

Carms is making a custom beer for his newest venture, and not letting anything go to waste.

Mayor of the downtown restaurant scene Andrew Carmellini hopped over the East River yesterday to work on a custom beer that Greenpoint Brewery is mixing up for Little Park, his latest project with Luke Ostrom and Josh Pickard in The Smyth hotel.

Looks like the team won't waste anything. The leftover spent grain will be used in the table bread once the 85-seat restaurant opens later this year.

Meanwhile, Tribeca Citizen gets a little glimpse past the papered windows today, and from the looks of it there's already some furniture wrapped up and ready to go. So who knows, maybe Little Park will grace Tribeca with its presence sooner than we think.