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All Marta Needs to Impress Grant Achatz is Salt, Pepper, and a Monster Grill

The acclaimed Chicago chef was in town this week. Maybe he's scouting pop-up locations, or maybe he just wants a slice of the Marta pie.

Daniel Krieger

Marta has a new admirer. Grant Achatz, the molecular maestro behind Chicago's three Michelin star Alinea, is in town right now, and stopped by the pizzeria of the moment the other night:

Back in April, Achatz promised New Yorkers a full-blown month long Alinea pop-up in October. There's been no word since, but could he be scouting locations? On Twitter he calls his adventure an "RD biz trip."

So it's either that, or he's doing research for an upcoming menu at Next, which he's been known to do before. Update: Achatz tells Eater he was just doing R&D for his new Chicago restaurant, and that he's putting off the pop-up for now to focus on has various Chicago projects. But the good news is, they were also exploring "expansion opportunities," for something in the distant future.


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