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No Cold Tortillas Allowed at Cosme, Enrique Olvera's Soon-to-Open Mexican Supernova

Essential updates on the year's most anticipated Mexican restaurant. Mind-blowing tortilla news, in particular:

As you read the words on this screen, megawatt Mexican chef Enrique Olvera is putting the finishing touches on his big, big foray into the New York City world, Cosme.  Artwork is being placed upon its clean, grey walls; construction dust is being vacuumed out of the corners of the wide, airy room; and imported avocados are ripening in a bag on the kitchen counter, while Olvera's cooks wait for the exact moment when they will be perfect enough to become creamy, delicious guacamole.

Previous reports indicated that many of the dishes would be priced under $20, but at an industry soiree inside the as-yet-unopened restaurant last night, a Cosme Cadet told Eater that no dish would cost more than $25.  So, there's a slight increase there, but it's still pretty good by New York standards.  Some of those dishes might include a shareable carnitas, sepia ribbons with salsa verde, or an autumn mole served with tortillas.

And an important note about those tortillas: Cosme will be using special baskets with stones in the bottom so that the tortillas at the end of the pile will stay warm throughout the duration of the meal. No cold tortillas at Cosme.

Olvera says that, following an announcement about the reservations earlier this week, the books are pretty much full for the next few months, but of course, those online resys only account for a portion of the dining room.  Walk-ins are welcome, and nobody will be eating cold tortillas once they sit down.

Pictures cannot fully express the enormity of this space, which, in a former life, was a strip club. Cosme has 66 seats in the back — there's plenty of space between the tables —  plus a large barroom upfront that can comfortable fit about 60/65 as well. A menu of small, snacky things willl be served in the barroom up front.  It has all the trappings of a great after work spot for the Flatiron crowd.  But fans of cold tortillas will probably want to head elsewhere.

Here, now, is the big Cosme bathroom reveal:

It's unisex, like Schiller's (shhh....don't tell Pete Wells).

The exact opening date has not been announced yet, but friends and family will probably kick off in the next week or so, and everyone and anyone will probably be able to walk in and order food by Columbus Day weekend.

Got any bits of intel about Cosme? Please send them to the tipline, or call 1-800-NO-COLD-TORTILLAS.

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