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Barcade's New St. Marks Location is Dedicated to the 90s, and it Opens Next Week

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A bar for people who love Michael Jackson and Street Fighter II.

Barcade is bringing the 90's back.
Barcade is bringing the 90's back.

The retro arcade game-filled Barcade is opening its fifth location and first bar focused on 90's era video games next week in the old Kim's Video space, which it took over back in May. Classics games like "Rampage: World Tour" and "Street Fighter II" will be there, and so will "Moonwalker" (a game featuring Michael Jackson).

To fuel all of that gaming there will be pub fare, similar to what they serve at the Chelsea location. Dishes include a chicken banh mi and a "fat sandwich" called the Fat St. Mark's, stuffed with fried chicken, pulled pork, fries, cheese sauce, and a fried egg (perhaps not the best thing to eat mid-DDR-ing). To drink there will be 24 American beers on tap and a few wines. The crew opted not to serve hard liquor after a community board meeting where neighbors voiced concerns over a noisy crowd coming from the bar late at night. 6 St. Marks Place, East Village